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RPM settings

Idle 1800 - 2000

Full Throttle 3700 - 3900

Valve Settings - cold

Intake .008 - .012

Exhaust .010 - .014

Point Gap .020

Camshaft Timing

Align Marks on the crankshaft and camshaft gears (cam lobe will be pointing toward crankshaft, and both valves will be closed).

Piston Rings

End Gap .007-.017

Side Play - Top ring .0015-.0030 / Others .0015-.0025

This is the fuel valve used on engines with the rubber grommet in the fuel tank. Early versions of this part had a mesh screen at the inlet. Later versions had the porous sintered metal filter as shown

New head gaskets are now available from Doug Bauman. The gasket will fit all the REO engines 1954 and prior with 2" pistons. The gasket has a steel mesh core and is the type of material used for automotive turbochargers and exhaust manifolds. You can contact Doug at :

Also check out Doug's REO website:

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